Arjuna in Kurukshetra – Another view

It has been a long time since I have blogged making it a very prolonged sabbatical. I have seriously decided to use words in my posts more meticulously rather than using them with artistic verbosity which I generally indulge in while writing poems. My topic this time is centered around the great scene in Mahabharata where Arjuna is in a severe dilemma before beginning the war and how Lord Krishna gears him up for the same. This famous scene has a lot of relevance to most adolescent youngsters who are in a premature mid life crisis. (That is the word I would like to use )

Now what does this term possibly mean. I have always been a very strong believer of one fact that most people around us possess intellect which is different in magnitude and sometimes not even perceptible to us which is misinterpreted by us as them being intellectually weak. This fact got resonated once I started working as a lecturer here at LNMIIT Jaipur. Students of this generation are much more thoughtful, agile and adaptable. The lecture hall consisting of so many students itself spawns an environment which is very stimulating both for the instructor and student.

In an environment with such high entropy of thoughts a problem is bound to arise. The problem is regarding the conflict of thoughts between a student and an instructor. Both of them are individually correct in their own frame of logic but the actions differ. A student (analogous to Arjuna) responds to a situation in the class room (in the battlefield) either by 1) passively accepting it (I will fight the Kauravas only when they begin the fight) or 2) violently reacting (I will fight with my own siblings) or 3) intuitively reacting and accepting it (Stimulating the universal power within him (Lord Krishna) to enlighten him with the teachings of Geetha and then fight the dharma yudh with clarity of power and mind).

One can perceive that students falling in category 1) and 3) are the ones who enjoy the experience of learning and those in category 2) end up on the wrong side of it. I say so because learning/ reacting purely based on emotion is always self destructive. As students sometimes decide purely based on their ego and emotion that they can learn the subject themselves and do not need a teacher which renders them totally immune to the learning experience. But a very important difference between students in category 1) and 3) lies in the fact that the former pursues a war (yudh) which is directionless and the latter pursues a dharma yudh. Now the basic difference that exists between yudh and dharma yudh is of the student (Arjuna) to experience something universal and divine in learning which can never be achieved using passive learning.

Speaking tersely even if Arjuna would have participated in the Mahabharata without the divine intervention of Lord Krishna he would have ended up killing many people and probably himself too both emotionally and physically. But the moment he realized that this war was a dharma yudh he gained complete control of the war and himself.

This is a how a student (including me) must be in today’s Mahabharat which could a small class or a job working place where each one of us is in a chariot (comfortable position) puzzled between several choices. We have loads of opportunities/projects to pick up from as there are more trivial  avenues today where we can spend our lives calculating the money accumulated or the time spent (which is frivolously titled as work experience for your resume because you need to have it). Eventually each student has only one dharma yudh which he must fight.

This beautiful idea of Lord Krishna making Arjuna validate his decision is a small hint towards all of us to validate our daily actions. If divinity within you is allowed to expand and engulf you with meaningful questions it will eventually translate into your work and actions!


The mystery of Love

I walk down the road unabashed

Wearing clumsy expressions on my face

Looking at couples pampering each other

Thwarting each one’s argument in a race


The guy sings a seemingly gibberish tone

With arms hooking onto thy shoulder

He stammers relentlessly for translating

Her inner portrait to syllables of appreciation


She is impatient yet innocently ignorant

To the caressing showered on her but gazes

In despondence searching for symphony transparent

Rendering the blushes yet to feel totally unfazed


For once I swap to see myself in thou boots

Ahem! Her warmth deflates my chilled spine

As my fingers crawl down her hand to the palm

Involuntary forces make me kneel down with pride


She chuckles with anxiety but her heart thumps

Her pulse bridges through me pulverizing my fear

As I raise my eyes to meet hers in pure trance

Looking at my victoriously decadent image in her mirror


As my arms widen laterally in futile attempts

To absorb her brilliance in a single eclipse

Eyes close with my lips preempting everything else

Ah! I say something which demystifies the ambience


My eyes open to see her in glee blushing around

As she lifts me up virtually in appreciation

She approaches me and closes her eyes in rush

A kiss of what I deserve grasps me in fluxation


Alas! I am back to being the onlooker

I see the couple still fumbling meekly

Ensembles of laughter and sadness shower

As I continue walking on the road hoping bravely

That akin to the dilemma I can hold on to the bower

And some day have an answer to my girl for this mystery called love.



PS This post of mine presents love from a couple’s perspective. I feel this problem is there with most of the couples. As the saying goes you need not fear to express something pure as love .  Bhai after all  Pyaar kiya to darna kya 🙂

The Four year transform

A young novice started his journey

Equipped with latent confidence swallowing goosebumps

He entered the portals of porous illusions

Each landmark painted with daunting challenges .


Every one surrounded by a cohort of young lads

With eyes reflecting the fear bounded by mythical trance.

Pulmonary voids full of anxiety triggered their genetic buds

Each one leaped onto various facades of pertinent brilliance


Building vortexes of talent ricocheted by pure zeal

Aesthetically enveloping their curtains of latent innocence

Chuckling at others sensitivity denying frail obligations

Incubating their inner passions by feeling its resonance


Uniting across various diversities and spreading like a sheath.

Bridging distances by smiling like an angel with rays of benevolence.

Wiping distress and fear off others as lanterns of luminosity.

Epitomizing brotherhood by breathing the same air beneath.


Each one being weaved ethically in the holy dormitory.

Preaching Kaizen and blending their aces with agile fins.

Polishing their naïve skills and fostering the inception of a new cavalry.

Breaking cross lingual bars redefining their vernacular origins.


Embarking on diverging paths emanating from the same focus.

Beleaguered by a plethora of problems and shocking jerks

Each one built their own dimensions of persistence across,

hubs of emotional exchange and hammering depression streaks.


In those dark valleys of despondence we wandered at times

Fear pinched our soul and questioned our innate capabilities.

The paradox seemed heavier than the pressure filling up our spines.

A speck of light felt like the radiance of the sun glorified.


Sometimes it was the battle with adolescence boiling high

The sexual attractions would never cease and burden us

Albeit our personality was being choked regressively.

But we still learnt the inner healing by smiling looking at the sky.


These were the times we met our pillars of strength.

Human apostles who rejuvenated our energy tanks.

Their visual fist encored in our palm we stood up full length.

We stretched our wings to pursue what beckoned our minds.


Differences seemed smaller, purposes levied higher energy.

We churned thoughts and ideas in deep enigma of realization.

The messenger of our destiny now stood in front with a hidden canvas.

Each one of us rendered our thoughts on it experiencing the synergy.


It was that precious hour, our faith was rekindled.

Our existence opened up clearly as a crossword puzzle.

The keystone to the riddles no longer seemed to fizzle out.

As we collectively aligned the letters representing our inner mantle.


We stood up to people who questioned us

Each one revived the spirit of their true endeavors.

Each one of us walked synchronously with baffling heights.

Our charisma started reflecting on our achievement reservoirs.


Each one of us grew beyond personal recognition

As we toiled for empowering our siblings.

We stooped to the level of a paltry bread earner for a cause

To engineer a family’s name and its children’s position


Yes, we won. The golden cap adorned our banyan stalk.

Relations grew stronger emotional boundaries were challenged.

A new non blooded relationship was being painted in a color

Which was filled with a sense of love and intangible bondage.


As we walk in the moon lit sky tonight with panache.

The great camaraderie between us shining of our chests.

We spend some moments and tears caching them along.

When I see our reflection in the moon as the glorious nest.


But yes one child has changed his latency is uncovered.

He is the amused person who has manufactured this melodrama.

Residing up in the skies he whispers in my ears leaving me baffled.

Words which cannot be digested but circumscribes a beautiful panorama.

I accept that this Four year transform has rewritten my future.

For today I stand alone but carrying the endurance from this marvelous folklore.



“I would like to dedicate this poem to each and every student from our batch. I will always treasure your memories and I hope that someday down the line when you read this poem you will definitely remember that you had a crazy poet friend once upon a time.”

Bhanukiran Vinzamuri

UG2k5 Dual degree student.

PS I plan to upload this in the ug2k5 memories folder can anybody give me the ug2k5 logo so that it can be designed as a neat document?

A Farewell speech

Ok! firstly let me avoid the formalities. I am actually not going to deliver this speech on the podium tomorrow but if i had a chance this can be termed as “My imaginary farewell speech”

Firstly lets come to this word itself. Farewell is just like a greeting card containing all those  wonderful rhymes translating into emoting syllables of vibrant speech. It is true that not all the greeting cards are special. You treasure a few you receive from your lover,teacher or friend the most. So is this one such farewell? Lets get into answering this question by diving into a rewind mode which takes me fours years back from now. I see a young novice stepping into the portals of IIIT H with a face worth a thousand meanings. There are ones full of gloom, ones full of desire to conquer the world and what not. The question then which arises is why do you value a  place?What is the Sthala Mahatya. Why would i actually call this place my Karmabhoomi ten years down the line? I feel each one of us has an answer for this so lets look into what Karma we have gained here from IIIT H.

My originality here as such is like a chalice which can soak anything thrown at me. I use this word here because now i am not screened either by my parents and kin. I walk into the classes, recreation centres, hostel lawns and the campus. I create certain images of people as my friends, my acquaintances, hobbies and favorite subjects. This is the initial stage of what i would call as “Atmadhyayan”. This is where the actual conflict starts and where we question ourselves ” I as a young pioneer never did any of these things but why do such things engulf me now?” ” Was i really engineered to do such things?” “Does this place serve as a launch pad for me to unleash myself.”

Next i see my friends around me. Let me just use another word here called a twin alias. I am using this word here in the context considering that all of us have entered the womb of the mother of IIIT-H at the same time and we share the same umbilical cord. So we are connected twins! We look at each other with extreme awareness to see ” Is he as good as me?” “Is he a hunk like me” “How come he has all the girls around him?”  This is what i would like to call here as Prakrti Parishodhana which means researching with a similar set of species to know exactly what makes me special?

My chalice finally after receiving a coating of purity is now worth of being placed in front of my guru. But how and why do we choose the guru? Depending on what we decipher from the first two stages each one of us is attracted to different kinds of passions. Here guru need not be a person. Its a magnificent driving force which wants you to be placed in its molding vessel. For few it could be the mere impulse to physically break all the bars in sports, for another person it could be the uncontrollable passion to sing,dance or act and be that superstar of your college. This indeed is the the knowledge opening phase where i meet my guru which i call as mere Netrananda.

I go daily near my guru with more and more anxiety,passion and energy and ask him the same question ” Am i ready to become the next Sachin tendulkar?” Can i be the next nobel laureate ? . My guru just replied the same way day after day for four years which was ” Develop the shraddha (dedication) and saburi (patience) and walk on a path relentlessly until you find yourself to be different from others” This is the most boring and perplexed stage which is  a paradox between decay and development and hence is called “Prashna”

Finally one day comes where i meet my guru and tell him. Sir i did it ” I won an award in inter state championships” Another person comes and says ” “Yipee i got an entry into an IIM.” another says “I am officially in Google now.” My guru just said the same thing which he has been saying since four years. I am angry at him for not appreciating my hardwork and say ” I have received no knowledge from you, this is all my personal achievement!”   I spend few days in glee and enjoyment with the same Prakriti around me but i see some changes in me. This is the stage i call Parivartana .

I am pensive, i don’t feel the same. I am not happy with my current achievements and look at the vast sea of challenges ahead of me. My twins are also in a similar agony where all of us have deserted our Guru. We finally decide to go back to him and ask him ” I stand here today about to leave you with almost everything i ever wanted but still i am not happy can you please explain whats wrong”? The guru replies the same way as always but just adds one word in the ending which is Farewell. He places his palm on my head and kisses me on my forehead and disappears. This is what i would call as Sukshma Nirvana which is infact my translation of the word farewell.

In short the message i wanted to convey through this entire speech was that the Guru which is our Karmabhoomi IIIT here knows our potential and has called us here. It has nurtured us and extracted the best qualities from us. It teaches us the importance of a Mental Guru(parmatma) rather than physical contact with Guru alone. The parmatma gives us the good wishes and covers us in a blanket full of his godly qualities and sends us on a ship to understand who we really are and what is our place in this world. Now i question each and every student ” How benevolent is such a sthala(place) which gave us so much. Which gave me so many siblings to learn from. Which gave me so much freedom to explore. Which gave me so much energy to endure. Will i ever be able to give my Guru dakshina?

I end my speech on this note. Sorry if i have been a bit philosophical but i really wanted to echo the effect this place has had on us. Salutations to IIIT hyderabad. We are indeed indebted to you!

Thank you

Bhanukiran Vinzamuri

Earth hour post

I am seated in my room which is quite dark right now. Even my laptop is running on battery. I never knew of this initiative before i read about it in the newspaper yesterday. Though many would say it hardly makes any sense to convey a message by cutting down your power consumption for an hour, but I feel it echoes a message that “Yes we are united in our actions to save Mother Earth.”

It is true that such acts don’t make a person responsible within a jiffy but they do inculcate a sense of social belonging where each one of us bears the burden of taking care of our Mother earth.

PS Bloggers lets unitedly be a part of this initiative.

PS2 Decided to switch off lappy to 😦

Repercussions of Felicity 2009

I must admit i never thought i would enjoy so much this time during Felicity. But the fest simply kicked up my adrenaline levels and enamored me to dive into the festivities. I have a bunch of moments to share personally firstly starting with our cultural skit on day1. We had put in 15 days of effort to come up with something commendable. Even though the story (Charandas chor) was a very old one and not a highly appealing one, factoid stands that its a movie directed by Shyam Benegal in 1975 and had entertained many children in all parts of the country. I got to play the lead character and it was good to get back to theater which was an almost indivisible part of me during my schooling phases. Later that night Mohit Chauhan and Silk route struck some melodious tunes and the young singer displayed his raw unpolished skills and flavor for music with panache.

Day2 saw me participating in a various genre of events. I had already tried solo singing on day1 so i went into the threads zone. I had some jolly time banging terrorists and planting bombs in Zombie zone which was so enthralling. I managed to chalk out a consolation prize in a journo event on Zombie zone too in fourth estate which was quite an experience. I managed to spend sometime in the Kalakshetra area which has carved a niche for itself in Felicity. It was so artistically rendered with colors, paints and images. The ambience was filled with creativity and those passionate strokes of young artists just left people in amazement. I managed to participate in Bizwit an entrepreneurs competition and managed a second prize this time and in this process received my first certificate of appreciation at IIIT Hyderabad after four long years.

Day 3 as always has been the show stopper of felicity and it lived up to the expectations of the crowd. The literary events were uber cool. I loved participating in creative writing and spin the yarn. JAM was awesome with people throwing paper balls at participants who were stammering or catching their breath to speak their mind out. At stage the solo dances were good and a special mention to

1 UG4 Telugu spoofs skit was an awesome entertainer. Congrats Raju & gang

2 18 degrees redefined the art of dancing in coordination with breathtaking moves and defying gravity symmetrical postures.

3 MnM was great.

Finally i would like to congratulate my juniors for organizing Felicity 2009 so well. The student power within echoed throughout the portals of the campus. May felicity in the future always surpass its predecessors with more elegance and style.

Aum and Hearts

Aum and Hearts : Though my echo is limitless my existence is confined in hearts full of love

Earth on fire

Earth on fire: On the tide of sinking bleakly we will be your anchor steadily : Stop Global warming


Felicity: Natural abode of youth with insatiable tenacity

Music in life

Music in life : Roots of strings vitalizing the cords of leaves

Pigeon and peace

Pigeon and peace : Lets songs spread from my vocal leaflets rendering colors with flavors of peace

A worthy career

Career is undoubtedly the most articulately weaved keystone of our life ever to be created by the power of the Universe. A career can be compared to the Holy grail here, where the quest is on for the key to open the keystone of an intrinsic riddle. I was in conversation with one of my friends and he said spontaneously “Man, you need to decide on a career or else it gonna be too late.”  I decided to bifurcate this statement and see which of these dipoles attracts me. The first one being of the time constraints which I seriously feel is not an issue these days. You see people pursuing PHD’s at the age of fifty years, many people like JK Rowling and Leonardo Da Vinci channelized their gifted talents at later stages of their lives. Modern day gurus like Osho and Jiddu Krishnamurti epitomized the art of pursuing social careers for the benefit of the society and began to spread their charisma after many years of hibernation in the quest of true knowledge and human ethics. So why should one join a rat race now? Why should one dive into these rocky lagoons of faltering illusions which cannot enclose the true spirit of your pursuits?

The second question on decision making was a pretty abstract one. Human cognition and environmental interaction are the main catalysts in this scenario.  According to me the only true decision making system is one which is based on passion. A feeling which is repulsive to any kind of stimuli produced intrinsically. I have seen such feelings in artists when they are singing their songs in melancholy or dancers while they are visualizing their ethereal form. I saw it in the eyes of passion freaks like Barkha Dutt and Arnab Goswami when they were covering all the details of the Mumbai attacks being totally aloof from their families. In such a vast ontology of insipid human emotions which one stands out? Have you ever questioned yourself to be a man of a new agenda or an owner of innovative firms before witnessing the likes of successful entrepreneurs like Dhirubhai Ambani or JRD Tata? Have you ever felt the consistent itchiness in your fingers to be the next most creative writer before reading the works of a Wordsworth or a John Grisham? Do you relish the acts of street acting and dialogue delivery with fake punches even before you have seen a Shahrukh Khan on the celluloid? If yes then your passion might have transformed you into an original icon of Gen X where you stand alone far from the strenuous competitions spying around you. If not then this brings me back to the question “Is it the grail which summons the person or do we relentlessly go on the searching spree with a blank map without waiting for an echo of perpetuation.

Ancient scriptures point at the existence of Sattvik and Tamsik qualities of a human being. Many writings derived from Samudrika Shastra explain the cause of our existence. There are stories of Lord Vishnu who took Dashavtaras few of which were as human beings where he was born with a purpose of either destroying a demon or being the source of Gita Rahasya.  Do these hint at something called a “Career Gene” which is a total balance of our qualities and which is our compass of destiny. One such molecular entity which can free us from our blind pursuits and deafen all the sounds except one which calls us. A rivetting pulse of naive heamoglobin and oxygen which can mould another “JanmaSiddha” or Buddha out of us.So I end this post with an open question which is “Are you on the path of a prescribed career still beleaguered by worthless questions or are you waiting for the call of a worthy career?

Terror series Date of Episode 26/11 – A drama on the celluloid

This header and tagline may sound really weird and people might consider me to be a moron for linking two such diametrically opposite things. One being the inertia of crude reality and another just a fluxion of  mechanized caricatures generated from the former. So why did I suddenly feel to relate these two things? I must admit that when I see the modern Indian suspense movies I generally keep guessing on who is that masked villain who has done the murder so connivingly and has painted the acrylic of the crime on the foolish protagonists of the movie.  Well one must admit this stuff sells, so did some fellow ‘homosapien’ of ours from the typed ‘terrorist’ countries and its allies by chance tune in to some Indian masala. I can bet my money on this fact.

You apparently have pirates coming and breaking the barricades of aqua culture and causing havoc everywhere in the city.  I wonder how can one call it planned considering their chaotic and totally uncensored histrionics which are a clear indication of their totally jumbled neural networks which have been tampered by someone. So this protagonist of ours has come into action and he uses his AK 47 for speaking.  The scene now suffers the wrath of their speech with the innocent characters being terrorized and resulting in total destruction of the tranquility of the environment. The hero now runs as he has to save his life as would any sane person. But wait the twist has to come and the cavalry arrives in the form of brave NSG commandoes and ATS officers. Now one is reminded of great fire exchanges between two equally skilled parties and our hero is literally out of the scene permanently. This seems a strange ending because there has been no confrontation of the hero and villain anywhere. This undoubtedly is a very pathetic state of our drama where we see the guys who have gunmen everywhere around them coming on television and pleading everyone to maintain silence. A typical villain who is completely surrounded by henchmen who render his vigilance purely opaque to the eyes of the cinematic audience. Well we cannot blame them either because from their perspective things will always remain silent which such high level ‘Z’ security screening everything around them like a black hole. I guess you people can finally see the uncanny resemblance which I am trying to draw out of this post. Both these shows have the same amount of abstraction which the audience consisting of people like us view on news channels or cinema theatres but we cannot decipher. Everyone in the nation have the most heinous intentions toward the terrorists which is quite obvious. On the other hand everyone is sympathizing with our fellow brothers and martyrs.  This reminds me of a thought from the movie Dark Knight which says “You either die as a hero or live long enough to become a villain.”  Why is it that our beloved army officers should always die as heroes? Or from another perspective why should they run into the caverns of hell to be only labeled as country martyrs for the sake of religion? Why are these tonsured old people living so long to see such treachery around still worrying about the cushion on their seat? Why can’t everyone like us (the truly actionable heroes) who have been running so far in this movie actually halt and take a breath and rethink on the flaws we have done in choosing a proper government. This post of mine is not targeting either Shivraj Patil taunting him for his poor handling of the home ministry post nor is it blaming the Intelligence sector as much of our political icons have blatantly spurted it out as. This Chakravyuha’s complexity needs to be unplugged  not by a single Arjuna but by the gut of several Veer Abhimanyu’s. This came as a severe shock to me and even the news of the commandos being successful in ousting terrorists hasnt brough much delight to my face. From every viewpoint there has been a huge loss of human resources which is where every global community has to feel the rampant penetration of this disastrous attack. This was just a critics perspective of the movie which is unknowingly being repeatedly screened every time in front of us, but one on which we haven’t laid a legal viewing certificate.

PS I hope the souls of the martyrs rest in peace and hope the spirit of brotherhood among us helps us in this situation.

Transitions always come tough at you!

I generally never blog about cricket or sports though I do follow them regularly. But the transitions which have occurred in Indian cricket over the past one month have been quite difficult for me to swallow. The most bulky morsel being the huge ambiguity associated with the placid termination of two historic careers. I still remember as a child when I used to watch Sachin and Ganguly at the opposite sides of the pitch in the centre of the ground displaying the flamboyance of their blade and their panache. I almost felt those tectonic reverberations rattling my eardrums at times. The uncanny bowling action of Kumble and his fast wicket fetching leg spinners were also extremely interesting. Then I used to think that the day they call it quits when they are at the hilltop of success they will be equally proud to pass the tricolor cap and the blue attire to another successor. But as they say reality bites and it hits you hard.

I feel that no two personalities can be the same. Sachin may undoubtedly be the best stroke manufacturer and genius India has ever produced. But Sachin is not my focal point here I just want to brush some dust which de catalyzes the luster shining bright from the armors of two Indian legends named Saurav Ganguly and Anil Kumble. These were the last two names of Indian cricket which I expected would end their careers in such a succession.  I have always admired Sourav Ganguly for his heroics and on field aggression. The sound which reflected from the blade of the Prince of Kolkota generally made many pop out of their seats. I remember his feats right from the days of the Sahara Cup when he came into limelight. He started giving spinners the goosebumps with his intimidating dancing down the wicket rabbit hops. But what I really admire in him is for his excellent streak as a very commanding and the most successful captain India has ever produced. There might have been some negative traits to his personality as such but his inclusion and exclusion like a tea bag’s role in the cup from the Indian team was very disappointing to see. Even after showing so much promise and earning titles like ‘Come back Dada’ and ‘Rebel’ his efforts were peeled of like the skin of a banana. One day I here the news of Ganguly’s daughter receiving threats? His personality was being ripped apart like the thatch of a coconut. Everything finally ending with his sudden decision of calling it quits. Then I could not but just compare this position of his career with the one I imagined when I was a child.

Anil Kumble who was termed as the Trumpcard of India is undoubtedly a man with the heart of a lion. He was luckier than Ganguly in the context earlier mentioned but Kumble was always criticized for his poor economy rates in ODI’s and his fluctuations in the ending part of his career. But such was the passion of this man that he would bounce back with another five wicket haul and win test matches for the nation.  Even a wounded jaw could not handicap this lion during his test match where he later came back and claimed the wicket of Brain Lara. This was just one example of his heroics which made me one of the biggest fans of his magnanimous personality. But once again why does this ‘Muhammad Ali of Indian cricket’ suddenly decide to quit with providing excuses of poor form and shoulder injury. I can bet that such reasons could never deter a man of Kumble’s will. But this just gets back to my question which was “Was this hurried transition needed so early?” Do the smiling faces of these heroes actually reflect the magnitude of their quantized adrenaline for Indian cricket which still burns deep within their hearts?

Many would actually say that these stalwarts acted as gateways for much energetic youngsters to come in and revitalize Indian cricket. But can anyone actually place a latent blanket over such a hurried regression of vast experience and skill. Does this transition actually synergize with the existing surplus overflow of young budding cricketers? Or is it just a vortex which can never be detracted from the rising bright future of Indian cricket.

The Song of a Bird

A bird calls on its mate by singing a song which can be heard by it even miles far.  A beautiful art as it seems is something even more beautiful to describe.

I start summoning my voice in gay lurking around

Letting the syllables pick up sober strings from the pallet

Casting the stream with passionate lexicons of sound

I feel the repercussions of thee presence in my chariot


I reverberate my kin with ripples of enduring verbosity

Enamoring them to transfer my song on the aerial crate

Leaves pushing the articulate waves at brisk velocity

The musical compass now divinely routing to thee mate


The celestial palanquin acts as the messenger of my carol

Shining through knitted wavelets of plumed ambience

It ciphers the lyrical bells into the language only thy vocals

Finally echoes the symphony of my music in thee reverence


Flittering vivaciously in the sky with thou infectious panache

I feel the umbra of thee engulfing me by lascivious sedation

Euphorically complimenting its moves in symmetric cognizance

The feather adorns the chariot of holy trinity in blooming essence